WiFi Redirection

What we do:
We provide solution for redirecting (free) Internet users to any desired page before they are allowed to use Internet, wired or wireless, by rearranging around some settings, basically said.

Our service was made as a result for a need to control free Internet users to some extent. Many have it done in-house, like McDonald’s restaurants, many hotels and alike.

They use full-blown managed networks to send their users of free Internet to desired page – be it terms and conditions of use, login for a certain period of time or download limited usage, show some advertising etc.

But people who don’t have the resources or simply don’t want to go to the extent of implementing such a managing application, they turn to us.

We organize everything for them without changing anything in their existing network. They keep their routers and don’t buy any new ones.

We give you your own captive portal, complete with redirection solution.

We provide you with simple and efective admin panel to manage your wifi redirections – set up who gets redirected to where, when and how often, for how long etc.

It is simple and very affordable solution. If this is what you need, please contact us via “Contact” page and we will get back to you quickly.

wifi redirect

wifi redirect